Founder of AdviCoach Terry Powell on Finding the Right Solution to a Small Business’ Problem

Founder of AdviCoach Terry Powell on Finding the Right Solution to a Small Business’ Problem

Many small business owners fall into the trap of trying to find the right solution to problems within their business, when in reality, they should be doing the opposite.

“Most people are looking for the solution to a problem, when in reality, it’s not about the fixes or the solutions, it’s really about how we look at the problem and not the fix itself,” Founder of AdviCoach Terry Powell said.

The AdviCoach Coaching Process
Just how does this process work? Small businesses coaches at each AdviCoach franchise are trained professionals in helping their clients discover how to renovate their business for the better. Small business coaches sit down for an in-depth discussion with their small business owner clients for a transformative conversation, helping them to view not only their business, but themselves, in a different light.

It all begins with creating a comfortable environment for the client and small business coach to discuss what’s working in their business, what isn’t and what they desire to have more of as a small business owner. Only after the coach helps the business owner uncover these desires are they able to start the transformation.

According to AdviCoach’s Terry Powell, it’s all about “creating an environment where we actually transform the business owner before we can transform the business to get the results they desire.”

To hear more of what Powell had to say when explaining the AdviCoach coaching process, view his interview here:

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