AdviCoach Michael Sink Helps Landscaping Business Owners Manage Staff and Business

AdviCoach Michael Sink Helps Landscaping Business Owners Manage Staff and Business

Many entrepreneurs open a business without having previous managerial experience, and this lack of familiarity can become a problem when the business begins to thrive and owners need to add more employees to their team. When running a growing business, small business owners sometimes don’t have time to manage a staff of employees while also running the actual business.

When small business owners of a company that specialized in landscape supplies and erosion control contacted AdviCoach Michael Sink with operational and management issues, he knew that he could help them. The owners had a successful business on their hands, but as the business grew, they struggled with keeping the operational side of the business functioning, and Sink was determined to help these small business owners out.

The Problem:
The business had two separate units that required daily management and aggressive business development. Also, the seasonality of the business created a staffing challenge. There were several employees that could take direction from the owners, but it required constant work from the owners, which cut into their time to manage the business.

The Process:
Sink started with strategic planning to understand the specific goals of the business and identify the top five priorities for the business. During this process, they targeted a goal of developing a management team that could take the day-to-day burden off of the business owners. The plan included the following components:

  • Create the organizational structure that included all the job titles.
  • Document the roles and responsibilities of each job.
  • Identify individuals qualified for the open positions.
  • Mentoring the candidates for management.
  • Review and follow up of the organization and roles.

By creating an organizational structure, the owners realized they were spreading themselves too thin and were responsible for too many day-to-day activities. They decided to focus on two primary management roles that would oversee the operations and sales of both business units. These managers would have teams working for them and they were made responsible for the financial goals established each quarter by the owners during their strategic planning sessions.

After identifying the right people and explaining the roles and responsibilities, the owners had weekly one-on-one meeting with the individuals to review areas of success and areas that needed improvement. Different communication styles constrained the management team and caused problems with executing daily work. A DiSC (dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness) assessment of each member of the team identified the do’s and don’ts of communication and assisted in some of these problems. Revisiting DISC often was important during the weekly one-on-one meetings.

The Result:
It took approximately a year to establish a management team that relieved the owners of their day-to-day stress. Today, there are two managers that oversee operations, and another sales manager that focuses on keeping the pipeline full. The owners have been able to spend their time on more strategic items such as scaling their business geographically and adding more products.

Michael Sink is a small business coach at AdviCoach in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been coaching business owners and teams for 15 years. To contact Michael, visit his AdviCoach website today


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