AdviCoach Brand Manager Susan Stilwell Discusses the Small Business Sellability

AdviCoach Brand Manager Susan Stilwell Discusses the Small Business Sellability

Whether you’re looking to sell your small business in 10 years or in the next 6 months, keeping this end goal in mind at all times is key to setting you up for success. But what constitutes as a sellable business?

“A sellable business is one that can function and produce the same results with or without the business owner,” Susan Stilwell, AdviCoach Brand Manager, explained.

The Sellability Factor
Yes, when Stilwell explains it, it sounds pretty easy. However, in reality, reaching sellability can be a complex process and takes time.

Stilwell notes that oftentimes there’s a gap in a business owners mind. Oftentimes she sees that small business owners decide that they’re ready to sell their business, but haven’t taken the time to structure it and run it profitably without them in it.

“They really haven’t created the value in their business or it may require them to work in the business several years after the purchase to be able to transition that business to the new owner,” Stilwell said.

Because of this, working on a business’ sellability should be a proactive process that’s embedded into continually maintaining the small business.

“The business owners who do it the right way will really look to a coach, so whether they’re looking at the goal of a 6 month, or 12 month or 18 month goal, to be able to do that business coaching is really a necessity,”

Watch the entirety of Stilwell’s interview here:

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